Your Public IP is:

  What does this mean?  
  IP is short hand for Internet Protocol. Your Public IP address is a number assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that allows other computers to find and talk to your computer. Think of it as a post office address for the internet.

So why is this important?
Your public IP address (shown above) is your unique identifier for how the rest of the internet see's you. When organizations like the RIAA want to find out who is downloading copyrighted music, they use your IP address to identify you. If you are traveling, and would like to connect to your home computer remotely, you need your public IP address, and that is where sites such as this come in handy.

We'll be adding more content as we have time, such as proxy servers addresses (used to insure your privacy), geolocation (to find your location by IP), and other tools.